About Us

Dorcena Dorzilme 
As author, trainer, coach, speaker : my purpose is to inspire, train and entertain individuals in developing their full potential so they can reach their goals in life. I provide services and resources for personal and organizational development. Are you concerned about how to deal with your challenges, how to achieve more success and enjoy life?

I committed myself over the years to learn continuously and to serve people. My vision is to promote excellence, wisdom, self-transforming and self-growing in a prosperous and healthier society. No Matter what: Face it, Change it and Succeed Together

Are you interested in finding ways to enjoy life, learn and share in order to grow fully as a person? You are not alone!

As author, coach and speaker, I train individuals on how to grow continuously, and how to have an enriching living in spite of all challenges and adversities in their life. After facing myself personal struggles, defeats, calamities, the situation could not be worse. Then, I decided to choose a new life.

Now, I use my learning, my experience and my professional background to: help people to discover possibilities and to create opportunities for themselves to prosper, so they can in return serve others with excellence and dignity.

Ready to put a little pep in your life? Train yourself with Us for a spin!